She remembered from Wen-Do that the collarbone was one of the easiest bones to break…

March 5, 2014

Stacey (not her real name) took Wen-Do in grade 9 and came back in her 20’s.  She shared a story of when she was in high school.

Two older guys invited herself and a friend back to one of their homes after school; his parents were not going to be home. The girls, flattered, said they were interested and decided to meet up. When they got to the house, both guys were waiting outside; one had a bike with him. The boy with the bike stayed outside with Stacey talking casually while her friend went into the house with the other boy. All of a sudden Stacey heard her friend yelling from inside the house “Don’t do that!” Stacey started to move towards the house, but the guy with the bike used it to block her from doing so. She tried to move around him, but the guy would follow her moves, using his bike to prevent her from moving closer to the house. She remembered from Wen-Do that the collarbone was one of the easiest bones to break, so she made a hammer fist, and, recalling the focus of breaking her pine board, she smashed her fist through the guy’s collarbone.  He immediately let go of the bike, dropped to his knees, and Stacey ran into the house, grabbed her friend and got out of there.

Woman fights off abduction attempt by two men

May 27, 2013

The following story appeared in the Toronto Globe and Mail on April 12, 2010:

Police are searching for two male suspects after a brazen attempted abduction downtown early Sunday morning.

A 29-year-old woman was walking alone in the Jarvis and Carlton Street area just before 5 a.m. when a vehicle pulled up beside her.  Police said the driver asked her for the time, then got out of the car and grabbed her, covering her mouth.  Then the front seat passenger got out of the car and grabbed the woman by her legs, helping the driver carry her to the car.  They tried to pull her inside, but she managed to wrestle free, police said.

She hurried into a nearby building and called police as the two men drove off.

“I stood up and yelled…”

May 27, 2013

From a woman in a Wen-Do course:

My two kids and I went to the library on a Friday. My kids left looking for a specific book. I was reading the newspaper when a really old man came to the table and started talking to me. He seemed nice and was from the same culture, so I talked with him. After a while, he grabbed my hand and said inappropriate sexual comments. I stood up and yelled, “This man is teasing me!” and everybody gathered, including my children. I told everyone and he left. I stayed in the library for hours after the man left.

Woman defends herself with box cutter

May 18, 2013

This story appeared on News13 in Florida in 2009:


A would-be rape victim was able to fight off her attacker with a box cutter she had in her pocket.

Investigators said a woman was attacked around midnight Sunday at a 7-Eleven.

Authorities would not say whether the woman, 35, was an employee at the store. They said she was near a fence outside, when a man attacked her from behind. The man reportedly pushed the woman against the fence and tried to rape her, but she was able to fight back with a box cutter.

Her defense, along with approaching headlights, prompted the attacker to jump the fence and take off on foot.

“She grabbed him by the ear…”

May 18, 2013

A Wen-Do instructor writes:

A woman in my class told this story.  She had read it in the newspaper a few years ago.

There was a woman riding the subway who felt a hand on her butt. She turned around and saw the culprit – who was wearing a guilty look on his face. She grabbed him by the ear, got off the train, and marched him up the stairs to the ticket taker who called the police.

“I told them to at least let us park the car…”

May 18, 2013

From a woman in a Wen-Do course:

When I was still living in Bangladesh, our car was attacked one day by hijackers from the street. They played a trick by making a rickshaw bump into our car. It was a clear road and out of nowhere a bunch of men came in and tried to break into our car. It was only my driver, an old woman relative and me. They hit my driver and before things became more serious I stopped my yelling and calmly told them that I would give them as much money as they wanted. I told them to at least let us park the car. The driver moved the car to the side as if to park, but then quickly increased his speed. I asked him to drive to the army base, to be safe. The hijackers stopped following us and we got home safe.

“Wen-Do saved my life!”

November 22, 2011

A Wen-Do instructor writes:

Some time after I’d started a new job, one of my new co-workers asked me what my background was. I was starting to tell her I was a women’s self de- when she cut me off and said, OMG do you teach Wen-Do? I replied YES! She told me “Wen-Do saved my life!” She had taken Wen-Do back in the mid-80’s and again in the mid-90’s. She broke the nose of an attacker – who was someone she was dating at the time – as he attempted to sexually assault her. She got away safely. I know it’s a short story, but so so powerful…and she was so thrilled to share it with me…

Northern Ontario community fights back

November 22, 2011

A woman told a Wen-Do instructor:

In a northern Ontario town that I lived in, a young woman of 17 was raped. She had support and charged the man who raped her. It was a rural town, and everyone knew of the case. He was convicted of the rape. The judge gave the man a $700 fine as his punishment for the crime of rape. The community who supported her was outraged at the sentence and discussed what to do. A group of us decided to make up an ad campaign that ran on the radio, TV and newspaper. It was like a tourism ad, and said, “Men, come travel to this community for a visit. You can rape 17-year-old girls for only $700.” Three days after the ads started, the crown attorney launched an appeal of the sentence the man had received. He was sentenced to three years in jail.

Validation a long time coming

November 22, 2011

A university student told her Wen-Do instructor:

Before I took this course someone tried to sexually assault me at a party and I got away. Never has anyone made me feel proud or brave for getting away. They have only told me I shouldn’t have been there and I shouldn’t have been drinking. It was only at and during this course that I felt proud of getting away. Thank you so much.

“…until he hit the ground and she left.”

November 22, 2011

A participant in a Wen-Do class told us this story:

When my mother was 14, she lived in Iran. One day she was in the market with lots of family and friends. A man she didn’t know grabbed her between the legs in the front. She grabbed him and pulled him into her, beating him about the head. She punched and punched and punched him until he hit the ground and she left. Her family and friends validated her and told her she did the right thing.